The Penultimate Round of the 2024 IAME Euro Series Delivers Thrills at Wackersdorf

As the 2024 IAME Euro Series nears its conclusion, the penultimate round at the ProKart Raceland Circuit in Germany brought intense competition and high stakes. Nestled in Bavaria, this renowned track set the stage for a weekend of fierce racing among 210 drivers entered from around the globe. The combination of overcast weather and high temperatures disrupted the standings at a pivotal moment in the championship.

X30 Mini: Young Talents Dazzle at Wackersdorf

In the X30 Mini category, Mattis Brageot (SPIRIT-KARTING.CH) recorded the fastest time in Qualifying Practice, followed closely by Will Green (Jamie Green Racing) and Priam Bruno (SPIRIT-KARTING.CH). Zdenek Babicek (TEPZ Racing Team) displayed exceptional skill and consistency, dominating both the Qualifying Heats and the Super Heats. Babicek secured top positions in these stages, with Priam Bruno and Ludwig Granquist (Falcon Racing Team) also showing strong performances, making them the leading contenders as they headed into the final race.

The final race was an exhilarating display of talent, with Zdenek Babicek clinching a decisive victory, followed by Ludwig Granquist in second place and Will Green taking third. This win significantly boosted Babicek’s position in the championship standings. After Round 3, the championship standings see Will Green leading with 72 points, Zdenek Babicek in second with 55 points, and Ludwig Granquist tied with Austin Newstead (Premium Karting) at 53 points each, setting the stage for an exciting conclusion to the season.

X30 Junior: Future Stars Light Up the Track

Harrison Mackie (Fusion Motorsport) set the pace in the X30 Junior category’s Qualifying Practice, with Didier Kreeft (Fusion Motorsport) and Benjamin Mañach Klisowski (Birel ART Racing) close behind. The Qualifying Heats saw Zac Green (Jamie Green Racing) taking the lead, with Mackie and Tadgh Buckley (Mick Barrett Racing) in close contention. During the Super Heats, Zac Green maintained his lead, securing the top position with Mackie and Buckley following closely.

The final race was a fiercely contested battle, with Harrison Mackie emerging as the winner, followed by Zac Green in second place and Toby Gale (BMR) in third. This victory further solidified Mackie’s standing in the championship. After Round 3, the championship standings have Harrison Mackie leading with 85 points, Tadgh Buckley in second with 71 points, and Zac Green closely trailing with 58 points, setting up a thrilling finale to the series.

X30 Senior: High-Speed Thrills and Close Finishes

In the X30 Senior category, Danny Carenini (Zanchi Motorsport) set the fastest time in Qualifying Practice, followed closely by Sem Van Der Heijden (KCR Racing) and Ruben Moya (Pantano Racing Team). Vilmer Svahn (Croc Promotions) led the Qualifying Heats, with top drivers like Fionn McLaughlin (VDK Racing) and Elia Weiss (SIM-ON) showcasing their prowess. The Super Heats saw McLaughlin taking the lead, followed by Vilmer Svahn and Eloi Gonzalez Moreno, setting the stage for an exciting final race.

The final race was a thrilling display of strategy and skill, with Fionn McLaughlin securing the win. Elia Weiss finished in second place, and Vilmer Svahn took third. This result has significantly impacted the championship standings, with McLaughlin now leading with 66 points, followed by Danny Carenini at 58 points and Marcus Luzio in third with 49 points. The final round promises to be crucial for the title chase.

Championship Outlook After Wackersdorf

Following the thrilling races at Wackersdorf, the championship standings have seen significant shifts. In the X30 Mini, Will Green leads with 72 points, closely followed by Zdenek Babicek with 55 points and Ludwig Granquist tied with Austin Newstead at 53 points each. In the X30 Junior category, Harrison Mackie’s consistent performance has strengthened his lead with 85 points, followed by Tadgh Buckley with 71 points and Zac Green in third with 58 points. In the X30 Senior category, Fionn McLaughlin has taken the lead with 66 points, Danny Carenini is in second with 58 points, and Marcus Luzio is in third with 49 points. The upcoming final round will be crucial as drivers vie for the championship titles in their respective categories.

Provisional Classification:

X30 Mini

  1. Will Green (Jamie Green Racing) – 72 Points
  2. Zdenek Babicek (TEPZ Racing Team) – 55 Points
  3. Austin Newstead (Premium Karting) – 53 Points
  4. Ludwig Granquist (Falcon Racing Team) – 53 Points
  5. Bruno Priam (SPIRIT-KARTING.CH) – 50 Points

X30 Junior

  1. Harrison Mackie (Fusion Motorsport) – 85 Points
  2. Tadgh Buckley (Mick Barrett Racing) – 71 Points
  3. Zac Green (Jamie Green Racing) – 58 Points
  4. Riley Cranham (Fusion Motorsport) – 44 Points
  5. Benjamin Mañach Klisowski (Birel ART Racing) – 41 Points

X30 Senior

  1. Fionn McLaughlin (VDK Racing) – 66 Points
  2. Danny Carenini (Zanchi Motorsport) – 58 Points
  3. Marcus Luzio (Premium Racing) – 49 Points
  4. Riccardo Ferrari (Zanchi Motorsport) – 36 Points
  5. Ruben Moya (Pantano Racing Team) – 36 Points

RGMMC’s Commitment to Motorsport Excellence

RGMMC continues to enhance the racing experience through its dynamic partnerships with STX Motorhomes, Racing Spirit, Minerva’s Virtual Academy, and for this race, Swissquote Bank Europe. Swissquote Bank Europe is Luxembourg’s leading online bank for investors, and has been at the forefront of digital investing for over 20 years. The bank offers a comprehensive suite of investment options including stocks, ETFs, and managed portfolios, backed by robust trading platforms and tools. These collaborations provide comprehensive support, from luxury motorhomes to racing gear and educational opportunities, underlining RGMMC’s dedication to the motorsport community.

As the sun sets on another exhilarating round at Wackersdorf, anticipation builds for the upcoming races. With championship points at stake and drivers eager for victory, the 2024 IAME Euro Series promises more high-octane action in the races to come. Stay tuned as the battle for glory continues!

Photos/Report: RGMMC Media in collaboration with The RaceBox

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