Sunny Skies and Fast Laps: IAME Winter Cup Kicks Off in Valencia

The 2023 Winter Cup concluded last weekend, as the most successful so far! Held in Valencia, Spain, with sunny skies and temperatures ranging from 10-15°C, the International Kartodromo Lucas Guerrero made for a very enjoyable start of the season as teams, drivers and contributors combined the race with a small excursion to Valencia.

This year’s even saw over 200 drivers from all over the world entering the competition in the three categories making it one of the largest international karting events to take place at the start of the season!

In the X30 Mini category, Friday’s qualifying saw a close battle for the top spot, with Nuvola Morales Mendez (MDC Racing), Archie Lovatt (Oliver Rowland Motorsport), and Stan Fagot ( topping the timesheets.

Throughout Saturday’s Qualifying Heats and Sunday’s Superheats the battle saw Jesse Phillips, Stan Fagot, and Morales Mendez Nuvola finish in the top with Zdenek Babicek (TEPZ Racing Team) close behind. In the end, Jesse Phillips took the win, followed by Stan Fagot and Zdenek Babicek in second and third place, respectively.

In the X30 Junior category, Thomas Quince (Jana Racing) ended Friday’s qualifying fastest, ahead of  Sandro Perez (MDC Competition), and Cathal Clark (VictoryLane). It was Sebastian Minns (KR Sport) however who would top Saturday’s Qualifying Heats, with Sandro Perez, and Raul Zunzarren (Monlau Competición) behind. The Classification after superheats saw Sandro Perez and Sebastian Minns take the front row for the final. In the end, Thibaut Ramaeakers (VDK Racing) took the win, followed by Perez Sandro and Freddie Lloyd (Fusion Motorsport) in second and third place, respectively.

X30 Senior was the most spectacular category, attracting over 100 drivers, many of which being very established names in the international karting scene. Friday’s qualifying session saw Dmitry Matveev (KR Motorsport), Clement Outran (VDK Racing), and Urbeltz Moar (TD Kart Racing) top the charts. However, on Saturday’s heats and Sunday’s Superheats it was Ean Eyckmans (EGP Racing Team) and Ruben Moya (Pantano Racing Team) who would dominate to take the final’s front row starting positions, with Andy Ratel (KBK Competition) and Daniel Macia (AC Motorsport) right behind. After a fierce battle for the win Ruben Moya crossed the line first, followed by Daniel Macia in second and Evan Giltaire (PB Kart) in third.

RGMMC once again stepped up its commitment to the series by providing an improved live streaming service with multiple commentators, live interviews and backstage coverage, as well as live replays of the track action. In addition to the usual IAME Euro Series prize entries and trophies given to the podium finishers, the event also awarded cash prizes of €1000 to first place, €500 to second place, and €250 to third place in all categories. The success of this event shows that the IAME Winter Cup is only getting bigger and better each year.

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