The 2022 series finale took place in Genk, with great entries once again, and dramatic battles for the titles!

Once again, all categories showed in strong numbers for the title showdowns. There hadn’t been a double winner so far in any of the categories, and all three titles were up for grabs with several contenders mathematically able to win in all categories. The weather in Genk was warm and sunny, but there was a small patch of rain that made its appearance on Friday just on time for the Qualifying Practice.

X30 Mini

Daniel Kelleher (Fusion Motorsport), the championship leader, was the fastest of all on Friday’s qualifying practice, ahead of Henry Domain (Oliver Rowland Motorsport) and Jesse Phillips (Fusion Motorsport). 

While Kelleher maintained his lead after a flawless run in the Qualifying Heats, it was Alex Martínez (GGM) who took the other Superpole, jumping ahead of Henry Domain. Jenson Graham (Fusion Motorsport) was doing his best to keep his title hopes alive and finished the day 4th after a mishap in the first heat.

After finishing second in the Superheat, Daniel Kelleher had enough points advantage for the Qualifying Heats to get pole position for the final and get maximum points for this first part of the race. Henry Domain reclaimed the front row start ahead of Martínez, while Dan Allemann ( made it to a 4th place start for the final.

The final saw a race-long battle for the win, with 6 karts constantly changing positions till the end. The final winner was Alex Martínez, ahead of Dan Allemann and the local Senna Meunier (

X30 Junior

Coming to Genk, Henry Joslyn was the championship leader of the X30 Junior, at least on paper, but with more points to lose after the drop-scores compared to Jules Caranta, so he had a difficult job to do for the title.

Qualifying Practice finished with Jules Caranta (Jana Racing) first, Sacha Van’T Pad Bosch (Fusion Motorsport) second and Clement Outran (VDK Racing) third while Henry Joslyn (Mick Barrett Racing) only managed an 8th place!

As Joslyn was making a comeback, winning all but one of his Qualifying Heats, it was Caranta who won the battle between the two finishing the day on top, after winning all his heats. The two would start on Superpole for their respective Superheats, finishing the classification for the start of the Final in the same order, with Outran and Pacome Weisenburger (Victorylane Karting) behind.

At the end of the final, it was another win for Caranta, finishing this weekend unbeatable and a worthy Champion. Next to him on the podium was Thibaut Ramaekers (VDK Racing) in 2nd and Sacha Van’T Pad Bosch in 3rd.

X30 Senior

Evan Giltaire’s (VDK Racing) last attempt at the 2022 title challenge started strong with the pole position after qualifying practice! While his main opponent Elie Goldstein (EGP Racing Team) could only manage an 11th position, he was ahead of Kevin Latigna (Falcon Racing Team) and his teammate Arthur Rogeon (VDK Racing).

After doing a perfect job to win all of the first four heats, drama unfolded as Giltaire failed to complete the formation lap of the final one and retired with a technical problem. That left the door wide open for the other title challenger, Arthur Poulain (Victorylane Karting) to take the first Superpole, and Giovanni Trentin (Pantano Racing Team) the other. Meanwhile Elie Goldstein had made a perfect comeback to 3rd.

The Superheats saw Poulain remaining on top with Trentin next to him for the front-row of the final. Sam Balota (VDK Racing) and Ruben Moya (Pantano Racing Team) would start right behind them.

After a great race, Moya saw the finish flag first in the final, ahead of his teammate, Giovanni Trenting, making it a first 1-2 and a great celebrationg for the Pantano Racing Team, while Arthur Poulain would complete the podium!

Road to IWF

The top-5 of the IAME Euro Series – in addition to the winners of the Winter Cup back in February – received a ticket to the IWF 2022, the biggest IAME race!

Despite finishing 5th in the race in X30 mini, Daniel Kelleher had done enough to win the X30 Mini Championship, with Dan Allemann finishing 2nd, Jenson Graham 3rd, Henry Domain 4th and Jesse Phillips 5th with all of them also receiving a ticket to the IAME 2022 IWF at Le Mans!

After dominating the X30 Junior this weekend, Jules Caranta finished the championship 1st, with Henry Joslyn 2nd, Thibaut Ramaekers 3rd, Sacha Van’t Pad Bosch 4th and Clement Outran 5th also receiving the 2022 IWF tickets!

Lastly, in X30 Junior, despite not having a great weekend, Elie Goldstein had done enough to win the championship, ahead of Arthur Poulain, Ruben Moya, Evan Giltaire and Ariel Elkin!

2022 IAME Euro Series – X30 Mini Final Classification

1- Daniel Kelleher (IRL) 109 points
2- Dan Allemann (CHE) 92 points 
3- Jenson Graham (GBR) 92 points
4- Henry Domain (GBR) 91 points

5- Jesse Phillips (GBR) 79 points

2022 IAME Euro Series – X30 Junior Final Classification

1- Jules Caranta (FRA) 118 points
2- Henry Joslyn (GBR) 93 points 
3- Thibaut Ramaekers (BEL) 88 points
4- Sacha Van’T Pad Bosch (NLD) 84 points

5- Clement Outran (BEL) 78 points

2022 IAME Euro Series – X30 Senior Final Classification

1- Elie Golstein (BEL) 103 points
2- Arthur Poulain (FRA) 100 points 
3- Ruben Moya (ESP) 79 points

4- Evan Giltaire (FRA) 77 points
5- Ariel Elkin (ISR) 71 points

Photo/Report: The RaceBox

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