Sporting regulations 2020 (Provisional)




Provisional Regulations 2020

 MINI Min License National grade licence
Age Reaching 9 years old in 2020 – 12 years old
Weight 110kg
Engine X30 Mini Swift water cooled


JUNIOR Min License International C-Junior
Age 12 – 14 years, reaching 12 in 2020
Weight 145kg
Engine X30 IAME Junior 125cc


SENIOR Min License International C Restricted, C-Senior, B or A
Age 14 years +, reaching 14 in 2020
Weight 158kg
Engine X30 IAME Senior 125cc



Provisional Sporting regulations Mini International IAME Games

Provisional Sporting regulations Junior, Senior, Pro, Master, Gearbox International IAME Games


Technical regulations 2020



Provisional 2020 Regulations



Junior & Senior

Note: it is mandatory to use the additional silencer at all races.